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Search for Qualified Franchise Leads and You Won’t Find the High-Quality Franchisees You’re Actually Looking For.

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The way franchisors view the people who want to learn more about their brand is more important than one would think.

Are you focused on understanding these individuals and learning if they share the same values, vision, and drive as you? Or are they just another number in your pipeline, another potential tire-kicker to weed out soon as possible?

If you’re interested in the franchise candidates who have been looking for your brand their entire lives, there are better ways to waste your time. While these candidates may come around occasionally and it feels nice when they do, this is not the norm. The reality is that these types of franchisees are few and far between.

Most people are looking for something to help them achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency – they just haven’t quite filled in all the blanks yet. All they know is that they want to make a change in their life, they want to get out of corporate America, and they’re willing to listen and learn from anyone who is willing to take the time to help them to do so.

Maybe franchising isn’t even on their radar, but the individual or the brand that takes the time to show them the way and gives them the tools needed to help them achieve their goals will greatly benefit in the long run.

While franchisors are often ultra-focused on whittling down the number of people they spend time with based on how many boxes they check off on a list of qualifications, they dismiss the very people who would become devoted franchisees if given the chance to envision themselves as part of the brand’s future.

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