Career Ownership Coaching™ makes better franchisees.

Unlike a typical franchise broker, we don’t sell franchises. We know not everyone who calls us is ready to invest in a franchise right away – but they are all looking for a change. We give them the tools and education they need to make that change and feel prepared for business ownership.

What our Franchisor Members love about us.

  • Well-informed seekers
    They know what they want and what they need to do to make it happen.
  • Higher conversion rates
    We manage expectations and establish trust, making TES clients 9x more likely to become your next franchisee.
  • Better-performing franchisees
    Shown to outperform their peers in revenue and year over year growth.
  • Strategic Resource Members
    Some of the finest vendors and suppliers equipped to help you as you grow your system.

The franchise sales landscape is changing.

Not every referral source is created equal.

The industry average conversion rate of all referral sources is 1.2%, or 1 franchisee out of 120 potential candidates. With your team engaging in 120 conversations over countless hours, the true cost of finding one candidate becomes astronomical. Our exclusive coaching methodology has resulted in candidates 9x more likely to purchase – and become your next top-performing franchisee.

The average cost per franchise sale is going up.

Franchise recruitment is not cheap, and it isn’t getting cheaper. The lesson from this year: there are more buyers than ever before and the economy favors franchising, but that won’t guarantee sales results. As the field heats up, franchise development marketing is becoming much more complex and targeted to attract the right audience.

There are more qualified franchise candidates than ever before.

But franchisors aren’t seeing record-breaking sales numbers. The new franchise candidate is cautious – hesitant about starting a business in the face of potential economic upheaval. Sales processes are being drawn out and conversion rates are lower.

Strategic Resource Members

For 36 years, The Entrepreneur’s Source has been a pioneer and innovator in the franchise community and, from the beginning, has focused on building strong relationships with the other leading businesses who share this space with us.

The Strategic Resource Program was created to fill a need for specialized companies with in-depth industry knowledge and experience to find solutions for our franchisor members. The TES Strategic Resource Program allows you to leverage our relationships with more than 170 franchisor members, provide value, and establish your company as an industry leader among some of the world’s top franchise brands. Get in touch with us today to learn more about getting involved in our Strategic Resource Program.