Meet the Expert Team

Susan Stilwell

Susan brings with her over 30 years of hands-on, comprehensive brand management, franchise development and business development experience for leaders in franchising across diverse industries. Currently Susan serves as a Strategic Integrator making sure that our coaches have the tools they need to build a thriving practice by constantly enhancing our resources, prioritizing our biggest opportunities and ensuring the TES team remains steadfastly focused on helping them achieve success.

Before working at TES, Susan owned her own staffing company. She values spending quality time with her husband and two kids — whether eating out at the new restaurant in town, going on a two-week adventure through Italy, or touring a haunted cruise ship, you can always count on a laugh and a good story with Susan!

Eric Missbrenner

Bringing decades of business acumen and franchise development experience, Eric helps brands navigate their unique position in the wider marketplace. Activating both national and international to strategically foster the best growth outcome.

On a personal note, Eric loves traveling and meeting new people. Originally from Chicago, Illinois but now living in Colorado, Eric was a professional hockey player and the oldest of five boys. His favorite thing in life is to help people see and reach their full potential.

Melissa Pang

Always customer service-focused, Melissa is a proud member of the TES SourceLink team and works with TES franchisor members on a daily basis, providing a collaborative environment that fosters win-win relationships. She feels most in her element when collaborating with franchisor members – working together, Melissa helps them find solutions and build strong, long-lasting relationships with TES coaches and clients in order to achieve the franchise growth results they desire.

On a more personal note, Melissa lived and worked in Australia for 2 years and constantly talks about returning! Melissa loves everything fitness, but balances out all the physical activity by leaning into her love of good food. You can find her with a blonde Americano in one hand and the TripAdvisor app in the other, searching out her next culinary adventure.

Jackie Krochko

Client centric for over two decades, Jackie helps brands navigate the exciting and dynamic world of international franchise development. Jackie works with both small emerging brands strategizing how best to pass the 100 unit mark, all the way up to global brands with 45,000 locations in over 100+ countries. What she likes most is every brand has a story and she gets to help them achieve their unique growth goals.

More about Jackie, she loves to bake with her amazing children and her lifelong dream is to travel to Bora Bora and bask in the sun.