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Your Franchise is Not the Dream, It’s the Vehicle that Empowers Franchisees to Achieve Their Dreams of Self-Sufficiency

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There are franchises to suit every interest in every industry, but while there is a wide variety of franchise opportunities for candidates to choose from, it’s important to remember that the franchise is not the dream itself – rather, the franchise model is a powerful vehicle that empowers franchisees to achieve their personal goals of financial and professional freedom.

This may seem counterintuitive to how we as franchisors view ourselves — don’t we embody the dream itself?

Maybe to us, who set out to change the world based on a need we saw in the market and a massive vision to change the world, one franchise location at a time. But to our franchisees, their dreams and aspirations when investing in a franchise may look very different.

Many people who become franchisees are motivated by the opportunity to work for themselves, the ability to manage their own schedule or positively impact their communities and families–simply put, they’re motivated to take ownership of their careers, and redefine what success means for them personally.

Different destinations require different vehicles to achieve the end goals, and in franchising, the same principle holds true. The first question to ask ourselves is, “How does my franchise model help my franchisees fulfill their definition of success?”

For example, The Entrepreneur’s Source™ is a franchise, and one of the #1 reasons our franchisees, called Career Ownership Coaches™, are attracted to our brand in the first place is because they have a strong desire to help others, and coaching clients to take ownership of their careers allows them to do that every day.

Another reason people become Coaches with The Entrepreneur’s Source is that it allows people to achieve a true work-life balance. Franchisees are able to create the lifestyle they want, and that lifestyle looks different depending on who you talk to.

One husband and wife team moved across the country to stay close to their grandchildren – they took a week off to drive from coast to coast, and picked up where they left off with their clients on the following Monday morning.

Another Coach spends her Wednesday afternoons playing tennis, of which she is an avid fan.

Yet another Coach alternates his time between Mexico and Michigan, working with clients throughout the year, without having to compromise on spending time with his family.

Coaches are fulfilled knowing they are making an impact in their clients’ lives, and yet they’re able to create that impact on their own terms.

Ask yourself – what aspects of your franchisees’ specific Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals are you able to help them achieve, and how do you help them get there?

How do you tell your brand story to attract other individuals who have similar aspirations?

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, we’ve developed our Coaching methodology to focus completely on the “Why” of our clients.

By guiding clients through a Discovery experience that allows them to first define what their individual Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals are, and then provide them with the opportunity to explore franchise opportunities that might help them achieve those goals, we find that clients that come from The Entrepreneur’s Source are nine times more likely to become the next franchisee in our franchisor members’ systems.

Reach out today ff you’d like to learn more about working with Career Ownership Coaches to educate candidates on how your brand can be the vehicle to help them achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency.


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