Franchise Friday – Episode 214 with Rita Iglesias of Buzz Franchise Brands

In this episode, Melissa Pang speaks with Rita Iglesias of Buzz Franchise Brands.

About Rita Iglesias

headshot of Rita IglesiasRita Iglesias began her career in the hospitality industry working for a South African hotel company. She loved the industry and did very well. When it was time to make a change a recruiter pointed to her great sales experience, great marketing experience, and her work in the tradeshow circuit as being very valuable to a franchise company. Rita started with happy and healthy products. And was under the leadership of a really strong team. She really focused on the franchisees and the system, and making sure she was properly educated in it. Rita learned about franchising and also learned about the importance of relationships with coaches. I learned the importance of collaboration with The Entrepreneur Source.

According to Rita, when I was growing up, my mom and dad were entrepreneurs at heart. But always everything that they set up, did not work out. They had all the desire in the world, but they just didn’t have the proper structure. They didn’t know how to go about it. There was always something that came through and ruined it for them. At one point their vintage shop was robbed and they didn’t have the proper insurance in place. After all of the different ways of wanting and trying to become an entrepreneur, they ultimately just decided to join the workforce until they retire. My father retired in his 70s My mother retired in her 70s. It is sad to think what this world of franchising could have offered them. It will isn’t just about McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts, there’s so much more to it, it actually breaks my heart a little bit because I think if my parents had only known. If they had only known about these opportunities, they probably could have established a franchise, maybe even two or three, and would have been set with the heartwarming feeling of being an entrepreneur, setting my own schedule for my life, and taking control. That could have come true if they knew about it. And once my eyes were open to it, there was just no going back.

According to Melissa Pang, so many pieces of that story resonate. On your side, you’re talking to so many candidates, so you get to actually introduce it. However, how many people don’t realize franchising is out there like your parents, they have this entrepreneurial spirit, but think I’m never going to open a McDonald’s, I don’t have a million plus dollars lying around, and not knowing that little shop down the road is actually a franchise. It was!

“International Women’s Day yesterday. We’re all about celebrating women every single day. And we’re both very fortunate that we work at companies, that really allow for that. But today, I’d love to really talk about your experience as a woman in the franchising business, and what that journey has looked like for you, from when you started to where you are now.”

More from Rita as a Woman in Franchising

I’m a first-generation Dominican American. My parents immigrated to this country in the 60s. I’m actually the first in my generation and branch on the tree to be in corporate America of the females in my family. They have done great things in nursing, owning small businesses etc., but not stepping into the realm of corporate America. That was me to be the first, and I’m the baby. I was having to figure it out for myself and quite frankly, there were times when I was uncomfortable. We talk about “imposter syndrome”, I have that more often than I care to even admit to because I was either the only woman in the room or the only person that looked like me in the room. I found myself starting to change who I was or how I would behave. Sales is where I started to become and allow me to be myself. Because in sales, I realized soon into it that I thrive when I actually build a relationship with the people. When I stepped into franchise development, I built relationships vs concentrating on sales. And instead, I started to sit a little straighter and think I deserve my place at this table. Because of what I accomplished.

“Don’t underestimate yourself and your abilities. If you were a stay-at-home mom, for many years, and now you have decided to start a business and you want to go out and do this. Don’t worry about the corporate or business experience you’ve had, because let me tell you, you are the CEO of your home. If you have experience in being able to manage multiple things at once, you are probably going to be a fantastic leader and motivator for your team. You shouldn’t think I don’t have any experience with this or I don’t know. That’s what a franchise is for. It’s to help guide you and provide you with the system and the structure that you need. We are going to support you.”

About Buzz Franchise

buzz brands logoBuzz Franchise Brands is a fast-growing multi-brand franchising company that builds companies that get people talking. With a primary focus on providing quality home services, the Buzz Franchise Brands family is made up of three brands: Pool Scouts, residential pool cleaning and maintenance provider, Home Clean Heroes, a residential cleaning brand and most recently, British Swim School, a swim instruction franchise that provides swim lessons and water survival skills to kids of all ages.

Our vision is to become a leading multi-brand franchising company providing key services to people, homes and businesses. We keep people at the core of our business because it is through leading, empowering and servicing people that we make a difference in our communities.

Each day our mission is to enable people to realize their dreams. Whether that dream is tied to a financial goal or independence of business ownership, we keep this mission top of mind every day.

Buzz Brands

    The pool service industry has historically been fraught with disorganization, lack of professionalism and unreliability. Not anymore. Pool Scouts is a refreshing take on pool cleaning and maintenance, providing a more professional solution for today’s homeowners. Since 2016 our professionally trained Scouts have been working diligently to deliver perfect pools, so you can swim happily all season long. We guarantee Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor.
    In today’s busy world of balancing demanding work schedules with an active family and social activities, it’s hard to find time to give your house the TLC it deserves. Enter Home Clean Heroes – a cleaning service that delivers the customized care you want, without the hassle. Feel safe leaving your home in the hands of our licensed and bonded grime fighters and let them take care of the dirty work so you can enjoy the things that matter most.
    Learning to swim is an essential life skill that every child should know, but it’s about more than just mastering the perfect swim stroke; it’s about teaching water safety and survival techniques to combat the many lives lost to drowning. Founded in 1981, British Swim School has developed unique and highly effective teaching methods that are a recognized trademark of the brand ensuring survival of the littlest.
    Grand Illuminations specializes in Christmas light design and installation, providing turnkey solutions and working hand-in-hand with you to bring the exterior of your home to life—from concept to completion. Elegant designs, superior products, and meticulous installations are fundamental to the end result: transforming your home into the envy of the neighborhood.


image of Rita Iglesias of Buzz Franchise BrandsMore About Rita Iglesias

In 2010, Rita had the opportunity to transition from Tourism to Franchising by joining an emerging health food franchise and quickly fell in love with the industry. Working with hopeful entrepreneurs became more than an interest—it became a passion. Guiding someone through the journey to business ownership is extremely rewarding and just one of the many reasons she enjoys Franchise Development as much as she does! Rita currently lives in Central Florida with her husband, Christian, and their loyal “delivery man guard dog,” Louie. She is a major bibliophile with a yearly goal of 75-100 books. She also loves traveling, live music, paddle boarding, and hosting themed dinner nights with family and friends during her free time.

Melissa PangMore About our Host, Melissa Pang

Always customer service-focused, Melissa is a proud member of the TES SourceLink team and works with TES franchisor members on a daily basis, providing a collaborative environment that fosters win-win relationships.

She feels most in her element when collaborating with franchisor members – working together, Melissa helps them find solutions and build strong, long-lasting relationships with TES coaches and clients in order to achieve the franchise growth results they desire


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