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Franchises in Arizona Contribute Grandly to the Overall Economy

In the franchise world, it’s well-known that franchising is statistically the most successful form of business ownership, but what franchisors might not be aware of is how much they contribute to the national economy, employment rate, and job market.

Being entrepreneurs themselves, franchisors are passionate about helping Americans achieve their dreams of career ownership and self-sufficiency and are enthusiastic about making a positive impact with their franchisees by filling a specific need in the market.

But franchisors make a positive impact in other ways, too:

According to, in 2019, franchise systems supported 8.4 million direct jobs collectively, and created $787.5 billion of economic output for the US economy, resulting in 3% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

On the state level, franchisors contribute greatly to their local communities. For example, there are over 14,500 franchise establishments in Arizona that support close to 153,500 jobs. This translates to $13.6 billion in output and contributes $8.2 billion of the GDP.

Franchisors have every right to be proud of being part of the economic engine that is franchising, and The Entrepreneur’s Source is also honored to contribute to these numbers.

Not only are we a franchisor ourselves, but our Career Ownership® Coaches have worked with tens of thousands of clients throughout our 36 years in business, collaborating with franchisor members to help individuals achieve their dreams of career ownership and self-sufficiency.

Our sole purpose is in helping individuals who suffer from the Battered Career Syndrome® and Battered Investor Syndrome® explore investment options and alternative career possibilities outside of the job market by providing education, awareness, and discovery to help them reach a point of clarity about their professional future for what’s best for themselves and their families.

95% of our clients who invest in a franchise admittedly end up in something they never would have looked at on their own, or looked at but prematurely dismissed, prior to working with a TES Career Ownership Coach®.

If you are a franchisor who is interested in guiding individuals through an educational-based and discovery experience to empower your next potential franchisees, reach out today to learn more about becoming a franchisor member with The Entrepreneur’s Source.

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