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Growing Discontent with Corporate America

Growing Discontent with Corporate America

Franchising has always been uniquely positioned to provide a solution to individuals motivated to leave the often taxing and toxic conditions that have become synonymous with working in corporate America but who are hesitant to make the leap into business ownership. We see that this holds true today, more than ever.

Future Of Franchising provides the structure, systems, and support that a first-time business owner might need to feel confident in taking that first step towards building self-sufficiency and provides them with a statistically higher probability for success.

In today’s current climate of professional turmoil, when the average American worker is thoroughly disenchanted by the myth of “job security” but is in need of a viable method to support themselves and their families, people are proactively exploring career options outside of traditional employment.hiring strong franchise candidates franchise development strategy

Combine the Great Resignation with the hiring crisis of 2021, and you have the “perfect storm” of conditions for franchises to find their next franchisee, particularly if they are a franchise with a modest initial investment and a business model that doesn’t require many employees or large overhead expenses.

While franchises in the home services sector such as house painting, moving and junk removal, cleaning, lawn maintenance, and home improvement saw their existing franchisees excel last year, they have also seen a significant increase in growing their brands in the following months. This may be due to the fact that these franchise brands are typically simple to operate, easily scalable, and don’t require a lot of personnel or inventory to be successful.

There has never been a greater collective shift towards career work-life balance franchise candidates franchise growthownership than what we see today. People are highly interested to learn more about how they can maintain control over integrating their professional and personal lives, spending time with their loved ones, and having the potential to grow on their own terms. Individuals are more open-minded and engaged than ever in learning how to achieve true financial independence and self-sufficiency.

As one of our Career Ownership Coaches recently experienced, their client declined an attractive job offer, declaring, “I’m never going back to a job. Career ownership and working for myself is my only path forward.”

For franchises that understand and embrace the opportunity that this shift in franchise candidates’ mindsets has created, they will find that speaking with potential franchisees is more rewarding than ever.

If you are a franchise who wants to help individuals understand how your brand can serve as a vehicle to achieve self-sufficiency, reach out today.  


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